Waste chutes

Our discharge chutes save transport routes in the building and thus personnel costs. The waste can be quickly dropped for disposal directly at the point of generation. The requirements regarding fire protection can be taken into account. You are welcome to request our CAD planning documents.

Bauplan eines Abfallschachts

Stainless steel drop doors (fire protection and clean room atmosphere) in a pharmaceutical plant.


Stainless steel drop doors (fire protection and clean room atmosphere) in a pharmaceutical plant. Drop-in door – stainless steel dumpster system with three drop-in stations for separate disposal of residual waste in a residential complex.

Abfallschächte münden in Container

Collection of recyclable materials at the end of the shaft with three-chute system, filling in rolling containers (1,100 ltr.) with drawbar and coupling.

Abfallschächte münden in Container

Waste chute with connected sorting system for automatic separation of recyclables into roll containers (1,100 ltr.).

Abfallschächte münden in Container

Four-fraction garbage disposal system with four stationary compactors and large containers (24 cbm each).

Drop chutes

Letter drop chutes

We solve the problem of secure mail delivery around the clock with mail drop systems, such as this solution with a feed lock and code lock.

Special discharge chutes

We will be happy to develop drop systems for any special solutions for you individually.

Laundry chutes

Clever and simple, the fast and convenient way for laundry to the laundry room. No dirty laundry in the bedroom or bathroom, no climbing stairs.

3D-Bild eines Abwurfschachts
  • Diameter mostly inside: Ø 300 mm
  • for stainless steel solidly applied sound insulation
  • Distortions / misalignment possible
  • dimensional individual production for each building project at favorable prices

Laundry chute made of PVC plastic or stainless steel in private family house, with one or more input openings and fastening system.

Drop-in door with stainless steel Schurrenan lock box and shaft tube.


Throw-in door with lock in the rotary knob (lockable), in steel plate primed, color according to customer’s request, powder-coated or stainless steel, special design possible.


  • ready to assemble delivery by forwarding agent
  • Self-installation possible or e.g. by local sanitary company
  • Dealer inquiries welcome

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