Baling presses

Reduce the volume of your waste by up to 80% with our waste compactors. Compact directly into waste containers or into handy plastic bags. This saves storage space and disposal costs.

G2 Müllkomprimator

G2 waste compactor for compacting residual waste directly into DIN roll containers (1,100 liters), with automatic relief of the waste container during the compacting process. Finish completely hot-dip galvanized. Reduction of waste volume by approx. 35% through compaction.

Solide Ballenpresse

Solid baling press, e.g. Pakall 100 made of hygienic stainless steel for pressing waste into handy plastic bags or directly into waste garbage cans. These presses can be placed very well near the kitchen area.


Baling press for compressing paper or foil waste into handy packages with straps, as single unit or multi-chamber press.

Dosenpresse P20

P20 can baler for pressing disposable cans or metal containers into handy baled bales. Also available with automatic ejection.

Stationary presses


Self-pressing container as a small compact unit consisting of screw press and container, ready to plug in.


Self-pressing container as a unit consisting of press and container, additionally with lifting / tilting device for DIN roll containers.

Mobiler Selbstpress-Container

Mobile self-press container as a unit of press and container. Removal via roll-off tipper or skip loader.


Screw compact or for compacting dry waste, paper and expansive residual materials (e.g. foils), with coupling device for compacting containers.

Schneckenpresse als stationäre Einheit mit angekoppeltem Presscontainer

Screw press as stationary unit with coupled press container.

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